Friends, Romans, Countrymen …Lend me your ears!

Hello everyone,

This term we will be exploring the ancient Britains…The Celts (they were here before the Romans). We will also be looking at the contributions that the Romans have made to society and what remains!

Year 3 will be going to visit Chester on the 4th of July to take part in a Roman march around Chester and explore the Dewa museum.

If you have any comments to help year 3 in their exploration, please feel free to comment.

Centurion Mrs Mowbrayx


African adventure

Year 3 are exploring Africa, we are investigating the country of Ghana.

Blessing, an african specialist , is coming into school on a Wednesday afternoon and sharing her experiences. We are going to be learning about african stories, art, food and music.

Slavery is also a issue that we are going to begin to learn about, in Ghana, there are Slave forts that are now tourist attractions, that enable people to learn about the conditions that people endured in history.

We also hope to have an African experience day planned towards the end of half term.

If you have any questions about Africa that you would like year 3 to find out for you please just send us a post/

Many thanks the “Explorers of year 3!”

Rainforest Explorers…

Hello everyone

Year 3 are being explorers and we have our very own rainforest in our classroom.

At the moment we have a green tree frog we have called “Freddo” and Anthony the corn snake is coming in our class soon to stay for a 4 weeks. Feel free to arrange to come and have a look .

We are also getting 2 gerbils that Marni has brought for our class. We will have a competition to decide their names.

Do you have any pets? Why don’t you let us know?

Mrs Mowbray